Because of his odd look, the adorable dog has been waiting for new owners at the shelter for quite some time.

This cute canine In January 2021, Jay was surrendered to a shelter after his owners decided they couldn’t care for him any longer. His crew fell in love with him right away. They then proceeded to care for the injured animal. Jay is a tough and obstinate individual. His personality is fantastic. He is adored by everyone. Unfortunately, due of his looks, finding him a forever home is difficult.

Because of this dreadful circumstance, the cute puppy has developed allergies and has gone bald. And he doesn’t have the same lovely fur as others who find loving homes soon. However, the employees hope that he will find someone who will love and care for him despite his “ugly” appearance.

Jay has been looking for a place to call home for more than 400 days. Despite the fact that no one was interested in him, the staff is certain that the good youngster would find a loving family. Jay requires special attention due to his health issues. He should be put on a particular diet and given the appropriate medicines. Dust can blare his allregies anew, therefore he’d best be on hard flooring without carpets. As a result, keeping him as a pet will be costly.

The volunteers recognize that caring for Jay entails a significant amount of effort. But he is truly deserving of such affection and kindness. And the proper individual will find him to be an excellent friend.

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