An elderly canine was saved by a 93-year-old military veteran.

Here’s Sam, a nice elderly dog that had a wonderful life with his family. However, his owner was forced to deploy to the Navi and surrender his precious puppy to a shelter.

Sam was too old to be adopted, therefore no one wanted to take him in. As a result, he had to be put down to make room in the shelter for other, younger animals. But, thankfully, his savior showed up one day. George Johnson, a 93-year-old naval veteran, was the victim.

The client was looking for a white German Shepherd similar to Sam because his own pet had suddenly died. They had been in love since the first time they saw each other. The man was treated with such kindness and friendliness by Sam. George was the one who wanted to abduct him. As a result, he adopted this wonderful dog, and the two of them are now enjoying their golden years together. In this way, the good-natured individual saved the unfortunate dog’s life.

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