The sweet dog left her kennel to console the helpless puppies.

Maggie, a sweet dog, was at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, a shelter. She had lost her pups a week before, and in the interim, there were little puppies without their mother near her cage.

Maggie once decided to perform an unusual act after all of the workers had left the building. She was able to break free from her prison and approach the young babies who were wailing inconsolably.

Because she couldn’t go inside the babies’ kennel, she positioned herself next to them to ensure that she was with them and that everything was well.

A security camera captured this lovely scene. When the owners observed this sweet gesture, they allowed Maggie in to keep the puppies warm. They remained up all night talking. Maggie was embracing and kissing them. They were asleep embracing each other in the morning. It was quite moving.

Maggie and the puppies have since found their permanent homes, but the heartwarming scene will live on.

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