The family took in the older dog and returned him after one hour because he was “too unhappy.”

An hour is an insufficient time for a freshly rescued dog to become familiar with a new home. Many individuals are aware of this. Gardena, a senior dog from California, had just an hour in his new home before being returned to the shelter.

Wally, a nine-year-old pit bull mix, is now residing at the Carson Animal Services facility, looking for a home. After leaving the shelter, the folks returned him, claiming he appeared to be too unhappy. He needed help from a well-known rescue or a loving home.

Take a peek at this sweetie.

Send your personal information to Carson Fosters if you reside around La County and would want to shelter Wally. If you don’t live near this location but still want to help a dog or cat, look for a shelter in your neighborhood. It’s likely that your ideal pet is already waiting for you!

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