A clever and resourceful young man donated enough money to buy police dogs armour vests.

Brad and his mother founded a non-profit to aid those who use assistance dogs. In two years, they raised about $315 thousand dollars and outfitted 257 dogs with body armor.

The student is perplexed as to why canines, who are just as vulnerable to gunshot as cops, are not shielded by body armor. Brad and his family were watching a television show around two years ago.

He saw that the police canines were not as well protected as their masters. The group was formed by a mother and son to assist police dogs. The boy was able to provide safety coats for assistance dogs in 23 locations around the United States.

‘Benny is my favorite police dog,’ the youngster stated. ‘It’s all because to his owner, who was so moved that he sobbed,’ says the narrator. According to the modest philanthropist, a training center for assistance canines is also necessary.

The student wanted to start his own business. As a result, he decided to open a dog park. The park is closed once a week to allow the police to train their canines.

Brad’s organization intends to assist a large number of service dogs.

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