A skinny puppy becomes pals with a fellow rescue dog that looks just like him.

A little, starving puppy who was just taken to a shelter met another dog who had gone through a similar ordeal, and the two became close friends. Travia was filthy and fragile, and she was coated in grime.

They couldn’t pass up the opportunity to aid another dog they had rescued a year before while examining Travia’s sickness.

‘It’s been a while since our lovely Evan was discovered in a similar state in our parking lot.

‘It breaks our hearts to see another creature suffer through the same ordeal that Evan had,’ they wrote.  At the time, Evan was the most emaciated canine we’d ever seen that was breathing at the same time.’

Evan, in any case, did an outstanding job. He’s since been adopted by a wonderful family and has served as an inspiration to rescue dogs all across the world… Travia is among them.

Evan recently gave Travia a visit to encourage him, and the two dogs quickly became stronger. Travia was soon drawn to Evan’s side.

‘Travia is a game that we all enjoy. We’re delighted with his improvement so far, given it’s been less than fourteen days since he was last seen out and about.’

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