For a dog that has lost his sight, a shelter dog becomes an assist and companion.

A dog named Starling lost his sight because of glaucoma, and he seemed to lose interest in anything after that.

His owners needed to assist the dog to acclimate to his new surroundings, so they acquired Wally from a shelter.

‘When Starling was diagnosed with glaucoma, it was devastating.

‘We tried for eighteen months to battle the problem but were unsuccessful,’ the owner revealed.

Wally, who is vivacious and extroverted, rapidly became Starling’s companion and began to help him with everything.

At the present, the companions are practically identical: they stroll, play, eat, and even sleep together. When Starling is close to Wally, he feels safe again, so he’s glad he did what he did when he saw well.

‘Starling likes social interactions, vehicle rides, and playing with his favorite toys. Wally is a total aficionado. According to the owner, he consumes food, chases Starling around the house, and acts as a playful fluff regularly.

The owner’s Instagram account is constantly updated with unique and adorable photos of her loving dogs.

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