With the help of a special diet, a man is nursing an ill squirrel back to health.

On the side of the road, a little squirrel with a damaged leg was spotted. Noel, a local with experience in animal rescue, looked after the squirrel.

Noel sought help from professionals at first, including a local veterinarian, a physiotherapist, and a protein specialist who gave him advice over the phone.

The squirrel was not hopeless, they said, but in the worst-case scenario, if the baby’s brain was damaged, he would be completely reliant on humans for the rest of his life. Noel and his girlfriend had a plan to return the squirrel to its natural habitat.

They used a syringe to inject milk into the squirrel cat three times a day. On such a diet, a squirrel would be anticipated to become stronger and gain strength. The squirrel was kept in a cage with a straw-filled fleece cap.

Since the squirrel’s paw was wounded, Noel scheduled a visit from a physiotherapist. His wise remarks and massages aided the animal’s speedy recovery from the fracture.

As a consequence of his rescuers’ special diet and attentive care, the squirrel now appears and feels healthier.

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