Meet this cute little puppy that likes to sit on his larger sibling’s back.

Timmy, a rescued chihuahua, and Ban, a shaggy large dog, are closest friends despite their size disparities. A cute chihuahua cherishes his friend once again, and he is indifferent if small Timmy decides to sit on his back or use him as a pillow.

Jeany works as a volunteer at an animal shelter and is regularly brought elderly and infirm dogs to her for temporary care. Timmy was her first and only patient.

Surprisingly, the dog and the family’s dog coexisted from the start. The pair quickly became inseparable, and it was difficult to look at them without feeling something!

Timmy cherished his hairy companion and treated him as if he were his own sofa, pillow, seat, and, most surprisingly, car. The owners couldn’t help themselves when they saw Timmy sitting on Ban like a pony and wanted to keep him permanently.

Timmy has a high feeling of security and is friendly around Ban because of his size.

Watching Timmy climb Ban to get extras off the table, for example, is hilarious. Ban is a calm and friendly dog. Timmy is able to discover the tranquility he seeks.

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