People can’t get enough of the adorable dog’s human-like features.

Norri, the dog, has gained a lot of attention on social media due to his odd appearance. People make sure that the dog’s face looks like a human’s.

Norri’s owners confess that they are used to seeing him and aren’t astonished when he appears.

‘It’s grown less constant as he’s gotten older, but we’re still shocked by how lifelike his face and eyes are.’

Passers-by would regularly stop and comment on how much he resembled a person,’ the owner recalls. ‘ People truly relate his look to a human face, albeit it happens less as he gets older.’

Norri’s owners created an Instagram account for him, where they share images of him.

‘That’s where we get all of the human attributes remarks, like people saying he looks like a person or inquiring about his eyes,’ said the owner.

The pair expressed satisfaction with the pet’s popularity in internet entertainment.

‘We decided to acquire Norri a companion last year and got another dog,’ reveals the proprietor.

‘The poodle’s human look contrasts significantly more with the background of the new pet.’ Isn’t he a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind dog?

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