When their biological mother died not long after giving birth, a rescued dog mother brought in four orphaned puppies.

A two-year-old pregnant corgi was rescued from a puppy mill. A litter of puppies was born on the grounds three weeks later.

Unfortunately, their mother died as a result of the tough delivery, leaving the children alone.

Despite the adverse circumstances, the shelter personnel were resolute and ready to feed the puppy on their own, taking turns on duty.

But first, they decided to take a chance and give the puppies to the young mother — the milk-producing dog.

The dogs enthusiastically adopted the puppies, which was a miracle.

When they tried to put the babies in the incubator after feeding them, the dog objected and requested that they be returned to her. The dog would never let go of them.

The dog showed incredible compassion and devotion for the puppies, which now numbered eight after being joined to her own litter — and made no distinction between them and her own. The puppies will be adopted soon, and each one is looking forward to meeting their new families.

Because of a young mother with a great heart who made place for all of the puppies, regardless of their looks, they were all healthy and vigorous.

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