A lonely kitty won the hearts of a trekking couple, who wouldn’t allow them leave without him.

Life continues to astonish us in new and unexpected ways. A couple went trekking one day, thinking it would be a usual day. On the other hand, life had different plans for them.

Curiosity pushed them to examine the sound when they heard an unfamiliar voice. When they saw a kitten alone in the wilderness, they were taken aback.

Celinne and her fiance Dany went out on a bike ride when they heard a noise that lead them to the adorable little kitty. The pair was cycling in a very isolated part of the country. They couldn’t believe they’d found a little cat in the middle of nowhere.

Celinne knelt on the ground and murmured quietly to the animal, hoping to establish contact. Celinne and Dany needed to take their new pet home with them, but they had a long journey ahead of them, making it impossible to get her as far as possible without the use of a pet transporter.

Finally, they found a familiar object with which to wrap her and decided to return home as quickly as possible. The couple placed the kitten within the security cover, sure that she would remain there until they returned.

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