Meet these adorable babies who were born with only two legs because of a rare disease.

Meet these two kittens from the same litter, each of them was born with an unusual characteristic. They lack any sort of rear legs. Despite their disabilities, the two brothers learned to walk almost as quickly as typical tiny cats.

They walk with ease on their front legs, and their tails aid with balance. To find their owners, their owners released images of the kittens on the internet as soon as they were born.

When volunteers from a sanctuary saw the photographs, they decided to take care of the cats themselves. The scenario appeared to be out of the usual from all sources.

Their irregularity is most likely related to inbreeding, given their mother and father were siblings. The loss of two back legs, according to the shelter’s coordinator, appears to have a considerable influence on the young cats’ adaptability.

They cheerfully walk and run, and they’ve even learned to bounce on seats and a couch. Small cats’ behavior and health are currently being attentively examined.

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