A kind nurse dog saves a little kitten from the side of a busy road.

When rescuers came, the dog was spotted roaming a busy highway. Her nose had been badly scratched. In addition, the dog was revealed to be a nursing mother. After inspecting the area waste with the workers, the rescuers realized the dog was continually circling near the same place.

The volunteer was led to the dump’s back, where they discovered a little, fluffy ball coated in mud from head to toe.

It wasn’t a puppy, but… It had been a brand-new kitten! Rescuers learned that a local cat had recently given birth and abandoned her kittens.

The dog has been entrusted with the care of a lonely newborn cat.

The dog and her puppy were taken to a neighboring shelter for an inspection by a veterinarian. The nursing dog had a puppy, according to the doctor, but it died or was taken away.

When she discovered the newborn kitten, the sorrowful dog still had milk. The kitten was exceedingly lucky to be spotted in time; else, he would not have survived. The infant was put in a foster home since he required a lot of attention.

Despite the best efforts of the specialists, the kitten was unable to be rescued.

The dog finally calmed down after being depressed for a long time as a result of what happened, and she was given a new home and loving owners.

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