A lady devoted her life to caring for sick and underprivileged animals that are close to the end of their lives.

Michele has worked in the film industry for a long time. Despite her busy schedule, the woman made time to care for animals with disabilities or terminal diseases.

They will find excellent food, medical treatment, comfortable beds, and a lot of love and care at the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, some of them do not have time to enjoy their living conditions and die as soon as they arrive at the shelter; nonetheless, they die happy in the arms of volunteers who hold them till the very last moment.

A cat with a tragic background is one of the shelter’s residents. Despite all that had occurred to him, the unfortunate cat maintained his faith in people. He is a kind and sociable pet that enjoys being cared for.

Another cat was located among a swarm of street cats. A fungus has infected her nose and is eating a piece of it. The woman can only take a specific amount of animals, but she provides them with the best living conditions imaginable.

Some are fortunate enough to be in good hands, while others are destined to spend the rest of their life behind the sanctuary’s walls, yet these will be their best days.

Special cats, according to Michele, are generally underrated. «All they want is a little more of your patience, love, and consideration».

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