An incredible tale of a special bond between a dog and a fox.

Real-life animal relationships can be more engaging than those described in literature and cartoons in certain circumstances. For example, a dog’s relationship with a wild fox is living proof of this. The dog and her owner, who is also a photographer, residing in Norway.

The fox and the dog don’t seem to understand they’re from different species since they romp and play together as if they’ve known each other for years.

After witnessing the dog and fox interact, the owner became a vocal opponent of the fur industry and animal farms.

Before being killed for their pelts, foxes are kept in tiny cages. Foxes are extremely similar to dogs in terms of behavior and disposition.

And it breaks my heart to think about the millions of foxes like the fox who live their entire lives in cages,» the owner writes on Facebook. Because the fox (and the dog) have a place to play, they spend all of their time together, wandering around the woods near the owner’s house.

The fox and the dog don’t appear to be bothered by the fact that they are always being monitored by a camera. The most essential thing to them is that they enjoy each other’s company.

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