A young girl writes a touching letter to her teacher about the death of her dog.

Emma is a fifth-grade teacher. Regularly, she would tell all of her pupils stories about her dog’s life.

The dog’s health rapidly deteriorated, and a medical examination revealed an inoperable tumor.

It was necessary to euthanize the dog. Emma felt she couldn’t conceal what had happened to the kids, so she told them everything when she got to work.

«They saw my dissatisfaction and demanded that I explain everything to them.» Emma recalls, “They were familiar with the puppy since I talked about him a lot and showed them a lot of images and videos.”

One of the children, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that their teacher need assistance. Emma had received a letter from him after the school day, which contained a poem dedicated to her pet.

«Most importantly, I know your dog was special, and I know your dog is in a better place, looking over you,» says the youngster in a message.

Emma chose to read the letter at home since she needed some alone time that day. «I sobbed when I read it on my own and later with my family,» she continues.

She commended the kid for his assistance in front of the entire class when she arrived at school, calling him an example of how nice people should treat one another.

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