What does Will Smith’s mother look like now that she’s 85 years old?

Will Smith’s mother recently celebrated her 85th birthday.
Will Smith adores and is very close to his mother; he pays her frequent visits and spends a lot of time with her. The mother was a schoolteacher who had broken up with her child’s father when he was a teenager but did not divorce her spouse until the early 2000s. The Hollywood actress never fails to wish her mother a happy Christmas season.
Caroline Bright turned 18 years old on January 18. In a restaurant, her son planned a joyous occasion for her. Will also danced in front of the camera with his mother and posted the footage on his Instagram account. Caroline and her heir dance rhythmically and ferociously to one of Whitney Houston’s most popular songs in the video. Smith gets applauded by his mother as he sings loudly. Both of them are having a good time with their dance.

Will wore a pale pink polo shirt with beige pants and white sports shoes. His mother wears a white top with lace and a light skirt with a floral design. She accessorized her bow with a bracelet and earrings.
In only one day, the video has received over 3 million views and over 56 thousand comments. Subscribers, fans, and colleagues of the actor wished his loving mother a happy birthday on this occasion. Caroline appears to be much younger and more cheery than her actual age, according to many. Everyone liked their son and mother’s intimate bond and wished the woman good health. Will added a signature to the article, in which he stated his mother’s age. Caroline was asked to “dance till she is a hundred years old,” he stated in his celebratory letter. And this is an excellent wish.

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