The owners assumed their dog had been killed in a tornado, but what they witnessed made their hearts melt.

The family discovered something beautiful after arriving at their shattered residence.

In Arkansas, there have been several tornadoes. Two of them were quite powerful, and the third forced people to flee their ruined homes since everything had been destroyed.

Ona and Bruce Dunlap’s family was also affected by the storm; their beloved cat Dasha vanished because she refused to leave her home and remained there, while others rushed to a shelter to be saved.

The owners returned to seek for their devoted pet after everything had passed, and what they discovered broke their hearts. In front of the home, the loyal animal was waiting for them. They gave her a big hug and started crying, praising God for saving their baby.

They didn’t even notice the shattered house because their puppy was their most prized possession. So, if you have pets at home, remember to keep them safe from harm.

This is a very heartwarming story, and the family was able to reclaim their happiness.

The video is quite moving!

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