A woman was traveling along the highway when she came across a stumbling piglet and carried it home.

A woman came to a halt and saved the small piglet, which was about the size of her hand. Bubby was her pig’s name. She was in poor shape when they picked her up and drove her home.

She did, however, fall asleep quickly and was awake when they reached home. Anna handed the piglet a glass of milk, which completely enchanted him. She finished the entire bottle.

Bubby had medical concerns that needed to be addressed, so Anna took her to the veterinarian. After a month, Anna dealt with her, and the piglet got healthy, running and hopping around the family’s garden.

In any event, Anna came to the decision that she required particular attention and housing. So she went to a farm refuge and abandoned Bubby.

In any event, Anna’s family visited her frequently, and they even celebrated her birthday after a year in the sanctuary, when Anna baked her a birthday cake.

Bubby was pleased to run and enjoy the wonderful cake when she dropped it on the ground.

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