The blind kitten came into her human’s arms and offered him an incredible cuddle when they first met.

July is a blind cat that was found and brought to the shelter by a local. Both aesthetically and physically, the cat was handicapped. In any event, her sight impairment didn’t seem to bother her.

She was all by herself. July was quickly adopted by Hollie, a volunteer who looked after her until she was available for adoption. July was vivacious, according to Hollie, and despite her sight impairment, she was much like the other felines.

She took advantage of the chance to rush around the home. July’s tale was published on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a forever home where she would be cherished and established.

Fortunately, a wonderful couple who received July’s message immediately embraced her and, without ever seeing her, opted to adopt her and provide her with the warm and loving home she deserved.

July’s contact with her new proprietor was significant because she moved into her proprietor’s hands when she saw her new proprietor. She sank into her father’s shoulder and remained motionless for a long time. July is currently residing at her parents’ house with their two cats.

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