On a regular basis, inhabitants of the town place sticks at the paws of the bronze memorial to the dog that died 100 years ago.

Bundles of sticks must be removed from the animal’s burial on a regular basis by cemetery workers. However, they do not object; after all, people give him gifts for a purpose.

Over a century ago, Rex the dog died. Residents of the city, on the other hand, remember a pleasant fruit vendor’s dog. They even erected a full-size bronze replica of the city’s most renowned animal as a monument.

A photo of the dog’s burial was recently shared on social media. It came out that the locals frequently leave sticks and tree branches near his monument. This topic received a lot of attention on social media, and many people were intrigued as to why individuals were doing this.

The sticks, according to someone who commented on the photo, are a monument to a specific dog that grandparents educate their grandchildren about.

Residents who have lost dogs often pay a visit to the dog’s burial. They put sticks in the bronze paws of his duplicate and urge the dog to look after their beloved pets till they see them again.

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