This beautiful blue-eyed puppy has become an online sensation.

Quoi is well-known on the internet. The dog has almost 114 thousand followers on Instagram. The inspiration originates from a remarkable tree named sequoia, according to its owner.

«I wanted it to be large, towering, and strong like a sequoia tree since a name can actually build a person,» she remarked.

Despite the fact that the dog is 100 percent husky, it has stunning blue eyes and brown fur. As a result, the pet, according to the owner, is frequently in the spotlight.

«Given the dog’s rarity, it’s no surprise it attracts so much attention.» People stop to pet him everywhere we go,» the owner observed.

Strangers have approached me at least 3-5 times and inquired about the dog’s breed, asking, “Who is he?” «When I tell them he’s a husky, no one believes me,» the dog’s owner stated.

The owner had intended to adopt a different dog until she met the dog, according to reports.

«He was just what I needed, even if he wasn’t the dog I was looking for,» the proprietor remarked. «Loving, kind, charming, and a little naughty».

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