Mama dog is perplexed as to why she and her pups were abandoned at a shelter.

Melodia was taken to a Texas animal shelter last month. Someone had brought another pet to the shelter, and no one knew anything about her past life with the family.

However, her condition suggested that the dog’s owners had lost interest in her.

But it became clear that Melodia would have a difficult time breaking out of her situation. Melodia just gave birth to a litter of ten adorable cubs and was sent to a shelter with them.

Melodia, despite her smaller stature, ensured that her children were well fed. When animal rights advocates learned of the dog’s plight, they did everything possible to help her. They posted her story on Facebook, and she was placed with a foster home.

She transformed physically and spiritually as soon as she moved into her new foster household. She felt confident in both her personal safety and the safety of her children.

She’s gained a lot of weight, and the babies are absolutely gorgeous, healthy, well nourished. This dog’s rescue was made possible by animal rights activists, but don’t forget that there are many more creatures in shelters that need help.

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