To save all of the animals, a homeless guy jumps into a burning shelter.

Because of his prompt response, this man’s acts can be considered real heroism because he rescued the lives of 16 animals in a life-threatening scenario.

Keth is 53 years old and has spent much of his life on the streets.

When a fire broke out in a homeless animal shelter, the heroic man chose to put his life on the line to save the helpless animals. All of the cats and dogs in the shelter were rescued thanks to his bravery, commitment, and kindness.

Keith and his pit bull, Bavo, have been living on the streets for the past 13 years. During a fire, he saw flames while driving to the shelter to pick up his dog. Grace, the proprietor of this business, knows Keth well and has permitted him to keep his dog there overnight.

After his bold deed, the guy added, “If you can love a dog, you can love anyone.”

I had no option but to rescue the lives of the other dogs in there since my dog is my most valued property and without him, I would not be here.

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