A little dog was abandoned in a shelter, but fate had other ideas.

This dog was happy when he was rescued from a zoo. He was eventually returned to the new owners after they opted to replace him with another pet. As a result, the dog was once again confined to a cage, and he was no longer the joyful dog.

He’d changed drastically, was depressed all of the time, and refused to eat; it appeared that the dog had lost his sense of purpose in life. He used to greet every visitor to the shelter with a joyous wag of his tail until this happened.

He didn’t want to talk to anyone anymore as if he’d accepted his fate and given up hope of ever being taken away.

When all of the dogs were adopted, the situation became depressing. In a room full of empty cages, the dog was left alone. To help him, the shelter employees posted the dog’s photo on the internet. And it worked: he sparked several users’ curiosity.

After falling in love with the puppy, at first sight, one couple was scheduled to meet it. A couple went to the shelter hoping to make a positive impression on the dog. They gave him a collar with his name engraved on it as a gift.

The dog had lost faith in people, so the caretakers were concerned, but a miracle occurred: the dog quickly ran to the happy guests. This was the beginning of his new life with two lovely individuals who are willing to go to any length to assure the happiness of their pet. Surprisingly, after moving into a new home, the dog began to smile!

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