The pit bull from the shelter thinks he’s a cat, and his new family has photos to prove it.

No one will be able to accurately answer the question of who the house’s boss is. Furthermore, the replies vary and can be rather surprising at times.

Two sisters, on the other hand, are certain, and the solution will surprise you. The two sisters first took in two cats, but then wanted to add a dog to the mix, and therefore adopted Mako, a shelter canine. The cats, on the other hand, made it obvious that they would not delegate the powers to the freshly arrived visitor, and they definitely did not want to raise a scandal.

They developed a crafty demeanor, and the sisters quickly saw that the pit bull began to exhibit cat-like behaviors and manners. The dog was easily misled due to his affable and easygoing demeanor.

The girls were first apprehensive that there would be animal conflicts. Surprisingly, a robust breed like a pit bull began to establish its own terms.

Over time, the dog evolved into a cat-like species. He leaped effortlessly onto the windowsill, the counter, and even the refrigerator. The owners are thrilled at such a meaningful friendship because he eats and sleeps with his mustachioed colleagues.

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