The dog wakes up the owner a split second before the meteorite crashes on her bed to alert her of impending peril.

This dog truly is a hero. He has developed into the girl’s best companion since she acquired the puppy from the shelter, constantly supporting and protecting her. Once again, the dog showed to be quite intelligent!

An extremely loud barking awoke the owner in her bed at 11:30 p.m. Toby had to be it. «He barked again, almost as though attempting to rouse her.

She turned over to the other side of the bed and was startled by a loud thud over her head. Surprisingly, it was caused by a meteorite piece that smashed into the Hamilton house, destroyed the roof, and fell on the bed.

«I sprang out of bed, and my dog stopped barking,» she adds.

After witnessing a portion of the meteorite, experts agreed that it had originated from space. Other residents confirmed that a meteorite had fallen that night.

They explained to me that meteorites may trigger an explosion if they enter the atmosphere. The dog’s hearing is better than ours, therefore he may have responded. However, there is no means of knowing for certain.

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