A dog adopted stray kittens and wanted to raise them as his own.

Three weeks ago, a Maryland resident went on a walk with her dog. The weather had become cloudy, and she had heard a voice from afar. Following the sound, she and her pet discovered a little red cat.

The girl cradled him in her arms, but Bambo, the dog, refused to calm down and raced to the courtyard’s back corner. Two more kittens were found among the wet, fallen leaves. The kittens were most likely abandoned because there was no mother cat nearby.

The kittens were rushed to the veterinarian by Marie. They were examined on the spot, and the woman brought them home.

She made them a warm, cozy bed and placed a blanket over them. With their white and red coats, the kittens were all incredibly cute.

Bambo immediately began spinning around them, taking every precaution possible. The kittens were really adorable and agile. When they opened their eyes, they continued to play, and their energy was uncontrollable.

The dog spent all of his free time with these cats, who adored their foster father, especially when he was napping or cuddling up to him.

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