A cat and a dog were taken to the same shelter after suffering the cold together.

This incident recently occurred in Virginia. The man was out on the football field when he came across a lonely dog and cat curled up in a corner, shivering in the cold.

After he shared it on social media, a volunteer mother and her daughter went out to help them. The brave dog jumped in front of the people to defend his fluffy and faithful mate when they arrived at the same football field to be picked up.

However, I contacted a cat rescue organization, which responded quickly and successfully. The veterinarian inspected both of them and determined that they were healthy.

When the shelter staff discovered about the cat and dog, they reunited them so they wouldn’t be separated, and then began looking for a family willing to adopt them both, as parting them would be harmful to them.

They’ve been sent to a temporary facility where they’ll be prepped for a new home. Although the volunteers recognize that putting them together will be difficult, they remain optimistic.

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