The owner put four lovely kittens outside the door without hesitation.

Every day, the owner came by and abandoned four adorable kittens at the entrance. He also brushed them aside daily. They were first left at the door, then secured to the bench, where they remained for warmth, cuddling up to each other.

They slept outside in any weather and couldn’t understand why they needed to locate a more reliable shelter because they were too young.

The tenants didn’t want to keep them; at most, the generous ones would supply them on occasion. This continued until one of the residents of the residence became aware of the kittens.

A woman was looking for owners for them, at the very least to protect them, and after a few days, she was able to locate them temporary housing, but by this time, one cat had passed away, and it was vital to act swiftly because the lives of others were also in jeopardy.

The woman transported the remaining cats to her parents for a while before contacting compassionate and loving volunteers who offered to help.

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