These Huskies rescued a kitten and have been her lifetime mates ever since.

Three Huskies from Los Angeles, California, raised Rose and welcomed her into the group. Last year, the three dog owners found the small infant on the street and snatched him up.

Lily, the dog, instantly began caring for the new family member, much to the surprise of the owners. Dogs and cats now collaborate on almost everything.

‘We have a husky.’ Lily saved Rose’s life since she was in such horrible state. Lily had been at her side during the entire ordeal.

The animal’s owners said, ‘It appears that Rose began to think of herself as a dog after that.’ According to them, the cat inherited all of the best attributes of dogs, including executive, bravery, and a fondness for baths.

Their Instagram account, which allows pet owners to submit photographs of their dogs, has over 135,000 followers.

What a fantastic story. Who would have guessed that a dog and a cat, much alone a dog and a street kitten, could be such good friends? Cases like this demonstrate that animals, regardless of species or size, are superior to humans and will aid others.

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