The tiny puppy was abandoned in an empty building and was perplexed as to why he had been abandoned.

Dog Amelia couldn’t imagine the owners abandoning her, who she adored and who had always been faithful to her. A neighbor discovered the puppy when she was just two months old and notified animal rights advocates, which was a big relief.

She was taken to a shelter right away. Then Nancy, a young woman, came to the sanctuary. No refuge could ever replace her permanent home and beloved family, she knew.

Nancy had recently said her beloved dog Jada farewell. She didn’t think she’d ever be linked to another creature. She had planned to take Amelia for a brief visit, but fate had other ideas.

Amelia, who was having trouble adjusting to life at a shelter, saw Nancy as a hero. And, as you might think, after the foster term ended, the girl refused to return her to the shelter since she couldn’t imagine living without her pet.

Amelia was really fortunate to meet such a loving and caring owner. Nancy was even more fortunate to have met her. Isn’t this a fantastic story?

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