The abandoned dog mix puppy had the appearance of a mummy, but he was transformed with love and care.

Scabs covered this puppy’s skin, and he was completely bald. The emaciated and sickly dog resembled a mummy rather than a dog. The puppy was placed on a euthanasia waiting list, but the center’s volunteers were not prepared to give up so quickly, so they shared a video of the dog on social media, pleading for help.

It was decided that the dog would be cared for by a lady. He was taken to a veterinary facility, where the doctors offered him a positive prognosis, saying that his fur, which had completely disappeared due to the scabies mite infestation, would grow back eventually.

The woman was allowed to return home with her dog after receiving treatment. The puppy warmed up quickly and made friends with the other dogs, but she remained wary of her owner. After all of the tries, the lady was anxious that the dog would never be able to trust people.

One evening, the dog had had a bath, and this was when the first ray of hope appeared. The dog’s skin wounds, as well as the wounds in his spirit, began to heal after several months of therapy and care. The first fur to develop was a lovely chestnut hue.

The dog has changed not only on the appearance, but also on the inside; she now runs and plays with her stepsisters and brothers on a regular basis. The dog’s hunger had returned, as had his confidence in humans.

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