Russian military’s dog gets new homes in the Ukrainian military.

When the Russian troops left the village, they left a beautiful service dog behind. Some believe she was abandoned on purpose, while others believe she went away on her own.

After being fed, the dog made his way into the hamlet, where he and his German shepherd were taken in by a local woman. Sima, the family’s German Shepherd, became his friend, and he spent some time with her.

When news got out that the town had a well-trained service dog, people began offering Valentina money in return for him. The wife, on the other hand, declined.

The woman gave the puppy to Ukrainian authorities after much discussion over what to do with it. The handler spotted a Russian collar on the puppy, revealing its origins, although it looked to be in good condition.

Max was the dog’s name that he picked. Since then, the puppy has made friends with Riddick, his new owner, who will teach him Ukrainian commands. Max rapidly became one of the guards’ favorites.

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