The dog valiantly protected her owner during a cougar attack.

Erin Wilson and her 2-year-old puppy Eva went for a noon stroll before anything horrible happened. An unexpected sound surprised her, and the cougar immediately prepared to strike.

Erin shouted to Eva, and the dog sprang at the cougar with all her might. Unfortunately for the dog, the cougar triumphed. Erin, on the other hand, had no intention of relinquishing her pet so easily.

She began yelling at the animal to leave her dog alone. Finally, he just let go and bolted. She quickly picked up her glasses, embraced Sharon, and returned her pet to the car.

The woman wasted no time in bringing her cat to the veterinarian. She recovered her strength to survive thanks to the combined efforts of veterinarians and her owners, and she was released home after a few days.

Erin set up a Facebook page to gather money for medical expenses, which was rapidly overwhelmed by the public’s love and support for her brave dog, and all money was swiftly raised.

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