Golden Retriever became a mother to a stray cat that was in desperate need of assistance.

The number of stray animals is rising all across the world. Thankfully, there are good individuals all across the world who are willing to volunteer to help with this rapidly growing problem.

Eskel, a Thai cat, has a badly damaged tail. Eskel, on the other hand, was discovered by a kind man. The owner’s best friend, a Golden Retriever-type companion dog, was introduced to Eskel.

When Eskel was around two months old, he was picked up from the street. Eskel was taken to the veterinarian, who washed him and treated his tail. Eskel was quickly welcomed into his new home, where he met Miko, the golden retriever of his family.

When the dog glanced at Eskel and rubbed his nose on the cat, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Miko followed Eskel about the house, following her everywhere she went. The kitten was so smitten with the dog that he insisted on drinking her milk.

Miko was unconcerned about the circumstance, cuddled close to it, and fell in love with this small creature. Thanks to Miko’s care, Eskel is now a happy, well-adjusted two-year-old cat who is cherished by his mother, a golden retriever.

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