She thought her beloved pet had died a long time ago, although she had been missing for ten years.

Missky, Yeva’s cat, was an important part of her life, and her departure caught her off guard. When Yeva got out of the car to go grocery shopping in 2009, she vanished.

Missky, on the other hand, was bored and got out of the car onto the street. She was in horrible health, worried about her pet’s disappearance, and she couldn’t envision her life without her.

Before starting her search, she waited for the cat to return on its own, but she came up empty-handed. She did, however, locate her, albeit not immediately, but up to 10 years later. She had barely traveled 11 kilometers from her home.

Missky was still missing ten years later when the rescue service called to inform her that she had been found. Birmingham resident Anne Hawks was the one who discovered her. At the veterinary, they detected an implanted chip in her and immediately alerted her owner.

Yeva was simply delighted to see her pet again after such a long time. Furthermore, the cat was 16 years old at the time, which is a respectable age and is currently in her golden years.

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