Because the rescued cougar couldn’t return to the wild, she became a domestic cat.

This couple has an unusual pet that they maintain in their home. Medis is a massive cougar that weighs 50 kg. He was discovered in a zoo by his owners. At the time, he was just eight months old and part of a litter of three cubs at the zoo.

Medis was sold when he was three months old, and he was already receiving medical treatment. The couple immediately fell in love with the cougar and decided to repurchase her.

The woman persuades her husband that he had wished for a giant cat for a long time, but that he was instead given a lynx, which turned out to be a cougar. The pair wondered whether they were capable of taking on such a job for three days.

Medis necessitates a great deal of attention, training, and special warm clothes, and his owners report that he exhibits dog-like characteristics. Medis was formerly idle, but now he likes going for walks and schedules them twice daily.

He is now a full-fledged family member who causes no problems for the owners. He is gregarious and social, and he gets along with people.

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