A lioness was rescued ten years ago by a man, and she still remembers and hugs him.

This guy is exceptionally lucky since every morning he receives his grownup and graceful lioness buddy with a hard embrace.

Vilon Gunter, a wildlife activist, recently posted a video on his Facebook page in which he loved how a lioness welcomes him with a fierce embrace in the morning, and it quickly went viral.

It’s not surprising that people are intrigued in the video because you don’t witness such a deep and strong relationship between a person and a wild animal every day.

Sira, according to Vilon, is very attractive, serene, and nice, and his favorite pleasure is embracing. She also likes caressing his head, and she is currently indistinguishable from a regular cat.

According to the young man, Sira should not be expected to act any other way because she is so quiet. Sira met him in 2013, when she was just a few months old and her mother had abandoned her at birth, leaving her as the lone child in the litter. Vilon was the one who introduced her to the Botswana reserve, and so started their long connection.

Video from internet: