When a dog gives birth to eight pups in the midst of an airport, everyone grinds to a halt.

The paramedics of an airport’s rescue squad received an urgent call: there is emergency labor. The paramedics that came were not surprised; pups were born one after the other, and everyone had a lot of work ahead of them.

The evening’s primary character was a female future service dog. The infants insisted on being delivered shortly before boarding the plane, which the owner now sees as a favorable omen because giving birth on board would be considerably more difficult.

The veterinarians from the rescue organization worked immediately to calm the pregnant dog at the airport. The father dog did not desert the new mother throughout this period.

He is older than the female dog, who is still in school, and the two of them work together to help their owner, who is disabled, travel.

The woman said that she was aware of the dog’s pregnancy but did not expect the airport’s chaos to make her so worried that labor would break out. Before security cleaned up the mess, several people even skipped their flights to snap pictures with their infants.

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