A citizen of Yekaterinburg bought a leopard from the zoo and maintains him as a pet.

Alex Stepanov, a 31-year-old Yekaterinburg man, rose to fame in an unexpected way. He obtained ownership of a leopard, which currently resides in Alex’s flat. He formerly worked at a zoo.

He was particularly devoted to Caser, a powerful and gorgeous leopard who had health problems as a result of his love for a leopard who had been transported to another zoo.

The zoo was forced to close as a result. After that, Alex decided to save Caser.

He made the leopard’s abode as comfortable as possible, and the leopard turned out to be highly gregarious and attached to his owner, never leaving his side and spending all of their time together.

Alex claims that the leopard has had a huge impact on his life and that he often thinks about what he needs to do. Alex and Caser have a great relationship and may even develop a cold at the same time since he considers himself a buddy of the animal rather than its owner.

He brought the animal out of curiosity and does not advocate it to anyone, stressing the need of responsibility.

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