A 102-year-old woman adopts a 19-year-old kitten abandoned by previous owners at a shelter.

You will be moved by this narrative given by animal rights advocates.

Guvo was 19 years old when he was surrendered to a South Carolina shelter for a formal cause, referred to by the owners as “unforeseen circumstances,” but in truth, for a basic and common reason: the pet had grown old and was no longer as joyful and lively as he once was.

Kitty was inspected by the shelter’s veterinarian and pronounced to be in ‘excellent health,’ which is quite an accomplishment for a cat approaching 19 years of age. Guvo turned out to be a wonderful good luck charm.

Nature bestowed wonderful health to him, and he also discovered his owner.

The shelter’s director received an unexpected phone call shortly after the cat arrived, from individuals seeking for a house cat to be the best buddy for their old grandma. They especially asked if there was an older cat available for adoption that was the same age as their mother.

Annie, the family’s 102-year-old grandma, fell in love with the cat right away, and the two have since been inseparable. Guvo has made himself at home in his new digs.

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