A dog befriends a cat and decides to help her care for her babies.

A pregnant tabby cat was adopted by a family who was chosen by volunteers. At the age of roughly two years, she was polite to others, secure in herself, and instantly felt at peace.

She makes friends with the local cats and dogs, especially Konna, a cat-obsessed dog who enjoys babysitting kittens. A striped cat named Ficky approached Konna and licked her face. A few weeks later, Ficky gave birth to six beautiful and healthy kittens.

Every waking hour of her life was spent caring for her children. When Konna, the extraordinary dog, heard the infants exiting the waiting room, he became very excited. Her eyes shone and her tail waggled as she realized more offspring were on the way.

Konna has been caring for the new animals they’ve acquired since she found her forever home with Assa. The cute dog has been looking forward to the kittens’ arrival since he first heard about them.

Konna yearned to be with the kittens and would go to any extent to do so. She cares for them and teaches them social skills while doing so.

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