The dog pushed his muzzle between the bars, pleading with anyone to notice him.

The personnel at the shelter spotted a dog stuck to the gate when they arrived for work in the morning. There was no way of knowing how long she had been in this state. Despite the poor living conditions, she maintained a pleasant demeanor and delighted in waving her tail at the volunteers.

He was definitely anticipating her discovery. The stray dog peered through the bars, his fervent eyes fixed on the people. Employees at the shelter had to ensure that the animal was treated by specialists, which was a time-consuming process that took nearly a day.

The dog’s name was Mystique, and she was initially perplexed, unsure of where she had gone or what was happening to her. A chip was located in her soon after, and it was determined that Mystique had been living with her evil owners for a long time.

Her health has lately improved, and she is progressing steadily. Later on, she will be adopted by new owners who will never disturb this lovely dog again. Hopefully, he will receive the affection that he so well deserves.

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