A blanket was previously given to this cat: it’s been over a year, and he still won’t give it up.

Sara works in a veterinary clinic with a fund dedicated to rescuing stray dogs and cats, which is a common occurrence. Twenty-day-old kittens were brought to that facility around a year ago. The first two were good, but the third required help.

Sarah was assigned to care after the kitten, and as she did, she came to like him. Sarah kept the kitten with her for a week following the operation to monitor his health. His name was Renley.

Renley was well-cared for by the young lady and her fiancé, who even bought her a blanket and a tiny bunny as a gift.

Even though he is over a year old, he refuses to give up his gifts. Renley carries the blanket with him all day and refuses to let go of it; at night, he takes it to his bed, wraps himself in it, and goes peacefully asleep.

Renley was so important to the girls and her young man that they chose to keep him with them for the rest of their lives.

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