This stork’s journey every year: he travels hundreds of kilometers to see his beloved.

This stork exemplifies incredible dedication and devotion and acts as a role model for many others. He adores his soul mate so much that he has flown over 8,500 kilometers to see him every year for the past two decades.

Love is the most powerful and profound force in the cosmos, as demonstrated by the conduct of a stork named Esto. Stephen, a schoolteacher in the Croatian hamlet where the incident occurred, held a stork in his arms and nursed and healed her wing.

Stephen has been witness to this amazing romantic love story since he constructed a nest for her on his own roof. Esto spends the winter with her rescuer, who has kept her warm and comfortable and treats her like a pet and a member of the family.

Esto’s homecoming has been anticipated by the entire town since 2002, and he has never been late or failed in 21 years.

They have chicks every season and nurture them together, until the stork and his flock depart to Africa in the winter. Esto might possibly create a new record for a long-lived stork, since the previous record holder was a stork that lived to be 39 years old.

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