A blind cat mother and her three kittens walked the streets seeking for a suitable home.

A rescue organization was approached about a group of four cats that needed to be fostered. Outside the home of an old couple, a stray cat was seen wondering. Two of the kittens were under the weather. The feline mother attempted everything to deal with them.

As the mother’s eye recovered, they realized that she was entirely blind and lacking normal eye tissue. Mother cat guarded her babies with her life.

The cats regained their appetites and began to gain weight in the shelter, which provided them with cozy beds and medical attention. When the cats were taken out of her territory to be checked, Mother feline maintained a tight eye on them.

Mother kitten is always looking for love from them.

She’ll bend forward for head scratching or flip her tummy to signal that she needs her stomach massaged. Mom cat and her adorable babies are doing well at the shelter.

The kittens, who are around a month old today, have completed a few things and are beginning to establish personalities. She will never have to worry about food or shelter again, and she will receive the best possible eye care as well as a permanent home.

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