Pit Bull has been given the duty of caring for kittens, and every day he just wants to do it.

Three years ago, this Californian family adopted Ollie the pit bull. The dog rapidly became friends with every member of the family, with the exception of Norma the cat. On the other side, the pit bull is still trying to win over an independent pet with a mustache.

It came out that Ollie needed someone to watch over him. As a consequence, the pit bull’s existence was finally given purpose when Jennie decided to adopt a pregnant stray cat named Winny!

A few days later, Winny gave birth to five adorable kittens. Unlike Norma, the mother cat was more obedient to the large dog and allowed him to raise her young. Ollie had been expecting this, too.

Five foster children were looked after by the pit bull. In addition to leaving one infant with a cat mother, Jennie plans to adopt four kittens.

As soon as the kittens learnt to walk, they started investigating their surroundings. Ollie will undoubtedly be sorry to see the kittens move to their new homes, but he also has a cat in his care that is loyal to his big companion!

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