Because he is “Too Big,” the adorable shelter puppy is repeatedly turned away.

Three years ago, animal control found Ruby wandering the streets. After being quickly adopted, he later returned to the shelter after becoming a stray once more.

Since then, his shelter pals have been working to match him with the ideal forever home. Sadly, kids continue to hear the same things. Ruby is six years old, so he has lived a few years, but he still has a lot of life ahead of him. He’s basically a big dog in terms of personality.

All he needs now is a family to share his love of life with. Ruby is thriving at the shelter, but he is still a big dog. He needs more room to move around and be himself. The shelter is making an effort to place him because of this.

People don’t realize that all of Ruby’s perceived flaws are actually assets. He has a larger surface area to snuggle with because of his size. He’s upbeat, curious, and a lot of fun. Who would not want to include him in their family?

Despite Ruby’s struggles in finding the ideal home, his shelter friends aren’t given up. There is a family out there for him, and they will love every huge, fluffy inch of him.

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